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Hello 👋 I'm Mate a gatsby starter which is focus on simplicity and extensibility. It's build with Gatsby(duh), Rebass (styled-component system) and Contentful.

The starter will give you 4 sections (it's really easy to add more if you want 😃):

  • Landing: Displays a nice greeting with your name, also your roles (what you are) and all your social links.
  • About: Show the about section where you can write about who you are, what you like to do, etc. Also you can add a photo next to it!
  • Project: Displays a card for all your project that you've made and also the posibility to link with github or and external link.
  • Writting: Take the information about your medium user and show up to 6 stories as cards with the link to Medium.
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Matt McFadyen

Drino has been on the shelf for most of the last few seasons, but we still believe he could be a key contributor to Lumber this season. We’re just not sure if the contributions will be shots on goal or shots at AAA. We know El Pad brings it when healthy with his skating, shooting, dangling, passing. As a pioneer of living the Lumber lifestyle, we all look forward to getting El Pad back in the lineup (Hopefully his conditioning stint with PM Lumber goes well).

MM26 headshot
El Padrino
Taylor Tobiason

Sauce plays the game like a 40 year old beer leaguer, both in terms of veteran savvy and having the conditioning of a 40 year old. The leadership he brings is a staple of the Lumber locker room and he’s the one guy who’s not afraid to call you out for looking him off on a two on one. Finucan is already trying to lease him some real estate in the box for this season so he could be back to his old scrappy antics soon

TT19 headshot
Right Wing
Peter Levstik

It's always Pete's birthday. That's why all the great lumber playmakers are looking to set him up on and off the ice. One-timers, nifty passes, bombs on the social, and belts at the Filmore; Pete gets a lot of action fired his way. So it's no surprise he's got the stats to show for it, seriously he's always got a couple copies signed and ready to go. Pete has taken strides this past season to keep his head up more and look to make plays (see exhibit 3 Pete on balcony with coconuts) so we expect more of this 2-way play as lumber looks to capture a 2nd consecutive title.

PL4 headshot
Left Wing


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